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Afaria Client for Android


This is the Mobile Secure 6.60 Build 11651 release of the Android clientThis app is the re-branded Afaria Android Client. It is the device management client required by SAP Afaria and SAP Mobile Secure solutions.
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Afaria enables enterprise IT organizations to centrally manage, secure and deploy Android devices for enterprise use. Please consult with your company’s IT organization before installing this App.
The Afaria App is a component of an overall Afaria implementation, and requires communications with a back-end Afaria server in order to operate properly. The Afaria client provides an App portal that will allow IT departments to distribute and update Apps over the air to their users. Users can select from a list of authorized Apps.
This is the Afaria 6.60 Build 7005 update of the Android client that is compatible with Afaria server versions 7.0, 7.0SP1, 7.0SP2, 7.0SP3 and 7.0SP4, and 7.0SP5 as well as Afaria 6.6FP1
Use this client on Android OS 2.3 and above, including Samsung SAFE devices.
What's new. * Support Android for Work private channel applications* Various bug fixes

****** Uninstall instructions ******
If you wish to uninstall the Afaria client please follow this procedure on the device.
Goto Settings>Location and Security>Device administratorsRemove the check mark from Afaria, and select Deactivate, then remove the application.